Nomad Cinema

Nomad Cinema

The Nomad – the most intrepid, the most adventurous, the roaming-est pop-up cinema experience in the world.

The Nomad brings magical and carefully curated film happenings to wide-eyed audiences of all ages and sizes at an inspiring range of beautiful, curious and downright strange screening locations.

Nomad film events embrace and enhance the venue, offering new ways of seeing and new ways of remembering an uplifting range of films, from classics to cult, noir and silent, to mainstream guilty pleasures. Playful, mischievous and mysterious, The Nomad wanders into town, unpacks cinema magic, then disappears into the night, leaving no trace.

Nomad events promise to immerse you in the flavour of the film, with added elements of theatre, music, dressing and performance. So prepare to do the odd double-take and keep an eye on that ‘guest’ just over your shoulder. All may not be as it seems.

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